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Not just for pilots! Come take this journey with me, but buckle up! There is definitely turbulence..

Riveting, informative and break-your-heart funny...

"In the rarified atmosphere of flying, Armstrong's memoir of life as a female pilot gives us a fascinating flimpse into a world where men still rule. But, it's her write-from-the-gut style of storytelling and the unexpected turbulence she meets, not just in her career but in her personal lifte, is what will captivate you. Riveting, informative and break-your-heart funny!" ` Lee Woodruff - NY Times bestselling author and reporter for CBS This Morning

Compelling and exceptional . Highest recommendation...

"I buy quite a few books - the vast majority I don't read through to the end. This book wasn't just an exception - from about 1/2 way through, I literally couldn't put it down (I finished the last 1/2 in a single non-interrupted read). 

I thought this would be "just another book" on the discrimination & barriers women in aviation faced. I was wrong. For sure, that was covered, but the book turned into the most harrowing account of systematic psychopathic spousal abuse & legal injustice that I've ever heard of. Period. A compelling and exceptional read from an exceptional lady. Highest recommendation." ~ CJ Southern

Refreshingly smart and funny...

"Refreshingly smart and funny. Capt. Armstrong isn't afraid to show her humanity and her humiliating moments, and demonstrates deep courage and conviction. Figuring out how to 'have it all' is an ongoing question in most women's lives." ~ Kristen Moeller, MS, Author of Waiting for Jack.

Rare in aviation literature...must read

“Captain Armstrong brings to her work originality and humor which is rare in aviation literature. Her success flying the ‘heavy iron’ for the airlines is a must read for any woman considering a career in aviation or facing the challenges of balancing work and home.”  ~ Mr. Darcy Verner, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, ATP, CFI, CFII, BA

Buy this book and don't look back!

"I originally purchased this book in hopes to gain an insider's view to life as a professional pilot being as that is a career I am pursuing.  I was welcomed with a great sense of humor with aviation related topics that I can relate to, but what I wasn't ready for were the life lessons I would learn from Erika's experiences.  I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting!  I just couldn't put it down.  I had felt so many emotions while reading this story.  I had moments of utter amazement all the way to straight anger where I felt myself shaking the book while from what I was reading.  Erika's story is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I enthusiastically urge you to purchase this book and read it as soon as you get it!" ~ Anthony Gilson, MSU


“Captain Armstrong’s powerful message of keeping sight of ourselves and our own hopes and dreams is a winner." ~ Dorothy C Westby, Captain Boeing 727, BFA, MFA

About the Chick

Which Came First, the Chick or the Egg?

Erika Armstrong is the chick in the cockpit. From the front desk of a busy FBO at the Flying Cloud Airport, to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She has worked on both sides of the cockpit door  (Part 91, 135 and 121), is an aviation professor at MSU Denver (specialty is Aircraft Systems and Propulsion, Instrument Fundamentals, Commercial Operations, Aviation Fundamentals), Instructional Designer and VP of Business Development at Advanced Aircrew Academy and professional pilot columnist with 450,000 passionate, aviation-geek :) followers.  Most of her flight time is Captain on a B727-200, CE500 series, King Air 90, 100, 200, Falcon 20, CE402, Citation III/VI, BE 33 (Red Cross) and 1 hour in a Russian Yak (ask her about it if you are sitting at the bar with her).

Her flight training is from Flight Safety, SimuFlite, NATCO, CAE, Pan Am, Aviation Charter and has flown 28 different types of aircraft. Erika earned her hours as an international corporate, airline, Red Cross and 24-hour air ambulance pilot/captain. She also owns Leading Edge Aviation Consulting, is a pilot recruiter, Fellow at the Royal Aeronautical Society and high profile keynote speaker in addition to an expert witness in high profile aviation cases (kept both sides out of court!). 

Adopted in Seattle but raised in Minnesota, Erika’s early membership in the Minnesota 99s (International Women Pilots Association) jump-started her career. After meeting several women pilots who spent their lives complaining about discrimination, Erika decided to handle every challenge with humor and perspective. This attitude and obsessive focus landed her in the captain’s seat of a commercial airliner by the age of thirty.

To back experience with education, Erika attended the University of Minnesota’s Journalism program as an undergraduate before being lured into the world of aviation. To round out her education, she attended Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University and has a B.A. degree in International Business, Economics and Culture with National Honor Society recognition from the University of Denver.