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Putting Pitots in the Proper Seat

Leading Edge Aviation, LLC

Leading Edge Aviation's CEO, Erika Armstrong, knows that too often in the aviation industry, a pilot is judged solely on flight hours. It's the character of the pilot, content of their contentment and quality of flight hours that really matter.

Through her extensive aviation network (350,000 connections), she can reach the far corners of the aviation world to find the right fit for you.

Simple, Straight Forward

Why have your own in-house pilot recruiter when you can contact Leading Edge and get the perfect pilot placed for $2000. Flat rate. Done deal after 60 days of employment.

Part 135 and 91

Brutal honesty is the key. Let's face it, it's not worth recruiting someone, pay for their sim training, only to have them leave after a few months. Through honesty on both sides of the cockpit door, we'll find a match for your needs and goals. 

Pilots and Hiring Managers

Flight Dept Hiring MGR: Just contact Erika directly at Erika@achickinthecockpit.com. Give overview of need (type/hours) and she'll guide you from there to your perfect pilot.

Pilots, give me your overview of experience and what type of position you are looking for. I'll then ask you key questions to find a good fit for you!